Xsonic SS75M Thru-Hull Medium Frequency CHIRP Transducer

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Xsonic Airmar SS75M Thru-Hull Medium Frequency CHIRP Transducer

The xSonic SS75M is a Stainless Steel, thru-hull, tilted, medium-frequency (80-130 kHz), depth and temperature CHIRP transducer. The ceramic element is tilted for built-in deadrise compensation, giving excellent echo returns for more accurate depth readings. The SS75M model is available in 3 different tilts, 0, 12 and 20 degrees depending on the deadrise of your vessel.

Fixed 20° tilted version for 16° to 24° hull deadrise
Fixed 12° tilted version for 8° to 15° hull deadrise
Fixed 0° tilted version for 0° to 7° hull deadrise

Medium Frequency

  • Provides the ability to sound deeper than the high frequency, along with better resolution than the low frequency
  • Wider beam than the high frequency, achieving more coverage under the boat and greater opportunity to find fish
  • Clear images at higher boat speed


  • Depth & Temperature
  • CHIRP Technology High Frequency 80 kHz - 130 kHz
  • 600 W
  • High-Performance
  • Stainless Steel
  • Thru-Hull
  • Designed For Vessels Up To 25 feet (8 m)


  • Hull Deadrise: Up to 28°
  • Acoustic Window: Urethane      
  • Weight: 1.4 kg (3 lb)
  • Black 9 Pin Connector