Whale® Orca Automatic Bilge Pump

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Whale® Orca Automatic Bilge Pump

The Whale® Orca Auto 1300 automatic bilge pumps are designed to complement the intelligently controlled IC pump range. For ease of installation, wiring simplicity and security and to effect the removal of bilge water automatically and efficiently, Whale® has integrated a field sensor, innovative electronic control circuitry and powerful motor into one compact case. The large footprint ensures maximum surface area exposure to the bilge water and ensures lowest water level detection. The robust ABS housing contains the integrated microprocessor electronics which are sealed for protection against water ingress while the snap off motor housing enables easy cleaning of the acetal impellor and filter base.


  • High performance 1300 US GPH flow rate in either 12 or 24 volt models
  • Fully protected integrated microprocessor electronics means no moving parts
  • Built in automatic water sensor makes installation simple
  • No separate bilge float switch required
  • Low amp draw extends battery life
  • Neat, compact shape with large foot print fits most areas
  • ABS fuel resistant housing, nitrile seal, acetal impellor
  • Large filter provides maximum surface area exposed to bilge water
  • Unaffected by wave motion
  • CE approved
  • 1 year warranty

N.B. As with all submersible electrics, attention is needed during installation to ensure that wiring connections remain above water level.

Specified output is US gph open flow.

Product Code Model

Open Flow

L/m    GPH

@1m Head

L/m    GPH


Fuse    Amps

Max. Head Height Depth Outlet Dia.


1300GPH 12v 82L/m | 1300gph 69L/m | 1100gph 7amp | 5draw  4.5. 129mm 168mm 25/28


1300GPH 24v 82L/m | 1300gph 60L/m | 1100gph 5amp | 2.5draw  4.5m 129mm 168mm 25/28