Wave Design Panel 4 Switch

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Wave Design Panel 4 Switch

The contoured wave design of this 4 switch panel is stylish and provides a central switch system that works with the contemporary design of modern dashboards and electronics. 
The fascia is made of UV treated black plastic, and the rocker switches are rated to IP65 (water resistant), allowing the unit to stand up reliably against both sun and water. As an added bonus, each switch has a dedicated circuit breaker that can be reset with a single button push - the panel doesn't need to be pulled off in the event of a switch overload. 

 The 4 switch panel comes with 2 x 5amp circuit breakers, 1 x 10amp circuit breakers and 1 x 15amp circuit breakers, making it suitable for most marine and RV electronics. 

 The overall size of this panel is 114mm x 107mm.

 Stainless steel fastenings are included, as well as a sticker sheet with 30 assorted labels.