Enjoy your time on the water and keep water activities safe by using the right watersports products from Boating & RV.

Our watersports accessories will help you have more fun in the water while improving your safety. Whether you enjoy swimming near your boat, going water skiing or spending the day snorkelling, you’ll find many useful items in our collection.

Inflatable Towables

Riding inflatables is one of the most exciting water activities that you can do, but you need the right equipment to do it safely and to get the most fun out of it. At Boating & RV, you’ll find a variety of inflatable towables that will give you the performance and safety you’re looking for.

We stock high-quality Axis inflatables that promise bigger and more enjoyable rides, with features that make being towed on the water fun and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a reliable single rider, the Axis Vortex Single Tube is one of the best and most comfortable single riders that you’ll ever come across. This tube offers neoprene knuckle guards and nylon handles, which gives you a more comfortable grip and greater control of your tube.

If you’re riding in tandem with a partner, then we have two double inflatable tubes that can make your ride twice as fun. The Axis Double Inflatable Tube is a high-quality double tube with two self-draining floor vents that help make inflations and deflations easier. The Axis Stingray Double Tube, meanwhile, features a winged design and thicker front structure that creates more exciting and responsive rides.

Lastly, if you’re riding in groups of three, then the Axis Blaze Triple Tube is the tube to get. This tube boasts topside stabiliser fins, neoprene knuckle guards and nylon handles to ensure a thrilling yet comfortable ride for all riders.

Best of all, each of these inflatables is made of tough, heavy-duty PVC bladder, so you know they’ll last years and countless trips on the water.

Diving and Snorkelling

If diving or snorkelling is your thing, we offer some useful tools that can help you ensure a safer and more memorable time underwater.

Our snorkelling and swimming gear includes small and large bathiscopes that will let you view the underwater world to help you prepare for your dive. We have small bathiscopes for kids and large bathiscopes for adults.

We also stock a variety of PowerDive Hookah units that you can use for different water activities. You can use these for shallow dives underwater or activities like hull cleaning and other routine maintenance activities. They’re also particularly useful for emergency tasks like detangling or retrieving items underwater.

Ropes and Accessories

If you’re looking for accessories to assist you in water skiing, we have a variety of tow ropes and accessories that can help you improve performance and ensure safety.

Our collection of ropes includes bungee tube tow ropesski lines and 3-person tow ropes. We also stock items like ski tow hooksski mirrors and ski line floats to help you and your companions stay safe while skiing.

Other watersports accessories we stock include manual foot pumps and automatic inflators to help you set up your tubes and inflatables quicker.