Utensil Holder SKA-UH for Slide Out Kitchen

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Utensil Holder SKA-UH for Slide Out Kitchen

Not only does the Dometic Slide Out Kitchen save valuable space, but its telescopic runners also make it quick and easy to pull-out and stow away after use. It provides all the kitchen essentials: a sink, double-side access storage, three-burner cooktop, and a chopping board. Various additional features can be added such as a bottle opener, cup and utensil holders. The kitchen’s modular aluminium construction makes it lighter, while a generous amount of built-in storage keeps dining and cooking equipment safe and secure. Easy to install on most RVs thanks to its simple three-step installation method, the Small Slide Out Kitchen takes cooking outdoors to new levels of convenience!

  • Keep everything in one place, easily accessible during your cooking
  • Utensil accessory for Dometic Slide Out Kitchen
  • Made from durable PBT material which is resistant to solvents
  • Dimensions: 204 x 52 x 48 mm