TSK Low Friction Universal Control Cables

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TSK Low Friction Universal Control Cables

TSK Low Friction Universal Control Cables are the most flexible and strongest cable on the market for its size. This is achieved by winding smaller cables over the solid core. The inner is then covered with a unique 'ribbed' nylon coating to guarantee minimum friction and maximum efficiency. The outer polyethylene liner is matched to the 'ribbed' inner to minimise friction and cable backlash. A spiral wire outer structure is impregnated and coated by Oil and UV resistant polyethylene outer casing ensure that this cable will handle the harshest marine environments. 

This is the Rolls Royce of control cables and is made in Japan. This cable suits Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Tohatsu Outboard Motors and Inboard Motors. It is great for any cable installation but especially suited to long runs or installations that need tight radius turns.