Trim Tabs

Trim Tabs are an important element to the boating experience - they’re not absolutely necessary, however, when you’re in a boat that’s kitted out you can definitely notice the difference. With a wide range of Trim Tabs and accessories, you can set up your boat with the best quality gear in the industry. Ensuring every trip out in the water is an excellent one.

Boating And RV offer the best Trim Tabs in the industry

When you’re setting up your trim tab system, you want to be sure to have the best products so the job is done right every single time. With Boating and RV you can shop some of the best brands in the business - we stock Lenco, Bolt, Lectrotab, ZipWake and Bennett.

We sell packs with switches and Trim Tabs or we sell them separately. Most of our products come with warranties, offering you that extra bit of security when you’re fronting a cost. Some have a lifetime guarantee as they are products that are guaranteed to outlast any other on the market.

If you’ve found a different Trim Tab system or product and you can’t find it on our online store, feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. We aim to offer our customers the widest and best range for all their Boating And RV essentials.