Trailer Parts

Whether you are looking for boat trailer parts or other trailer parts, you will get a great deal at Boating and RV. Upgrade or repair you trailer with submersible trailer lights, trailer brackets, trailer winch, hitches and couplings or get your boat back on the trailer more easily with boat rollers and and boat trailer guides. 

Boat Trailer Parts

Keep your boat safer on the road with our wide range of trailer and towing products.

We have axlesbrackets, and coupling and towballs that come in different shapes and sizes, giving you a variety of choices for securing your boat before you hit the road.

Our jockey wheels and stays, meanwhile, offer different sizes and load capacities, allowing you to pick the right one according to your boat’s size and weight. You’ll also find tools like stabiliser jacks, wheel handles, and other jockey wheel accessories that can help you set up your trailer however you like. If you’re looking to carry an extra wheel and hub assembly for back-up, we also have spare wheel carriers available.

Bearings, Sockets and Other Small Accessories

If you want to tow your boat safely and comfortably, every piece in your towing system needs to work together. Our range of small parts and equipment ensures that you always have a seamless towing and trailer system on hand, from the largest sections to the smallest and most fragile parts.

From bearings and bearing accessories to disc hubs and drums, you’ll find several small tools and fitments at Boating & RV to help you. We also supply bearing greasesprings, hubsmudguards, and suspension equipment that offer even more modification options for your boat trailer.

We also stock plugs, sockets and adaptors that provide safe and consistent electrical connections for your towing system. These items come in various configurations, giving you ample choices for improving your trailer’s electrical system.

And if you’re looking to keep your boat registration safe, we also provide rego holders that will help keep them dry.

Rollers and Winches

We offer a variety of pads and skidskeel rollersroller spindles, and wobble rollers so you can load your boat smoothly onto your trailer without damaging it. Our rollers come in different lengths and sizes, giving you a variety of choices for replacements or improvements to your trailer’s roller system. We also supply a range of winches and posts and bow chocks that can help make boat loading and unloading easier.

Safety Equipment

When you’re towing thousands of kilos of boat load behind your car, it’s important that you make sure everything stays in place. And when it comes to boat trailers and towing, this means using high-quality safety equipment.

Our coupling lockstie downs, and outboard motor supports ensure your boat is locked in place in your trailer, with the right support system to prevent unnecessary movements.

Other safety equipment we supply include load equalizers and self-aligning boat loading systems that help ensure stability and equal load distribution on your trailer. We even supply wheel locks to help prevent boat theft when your trailer is parked outdoors.

For optimum safety on the road, upgrade your car and trailer and towing platform with lights and reflectors that help you become more visible to other drivers.