Topcoats, Undercoats & Primers

Paint, Undercoats and Flowcoats

Boats require special paint and primers that can withstand the elements, especially the sun and seawater. We stock several painting products that can give your boat the look and protection it needs no matter how long it’s out on the water.

We have single pack topcoats, undercoats and primers that offer superior protection and finishes for boats and marine vessels. Our collection includes deck paints (500mL1L and 4L versions available), topcoats (1L and 4L versions available) and undercoats. For primers, we supply multi-purpose yacht primersmetal etch primers and even anti-corrosive, all-surface primers. We also have two pack topcoats, undercoats and primers if you need it.

For work on aluminium, galvanised iron and non-ferrous metal surfaces, you can use our metal etch gels to treat and prepare them before painting.

If you want even more protection for your boat, then you can apply anti-fouling paint to your outboard and hull. These paints will help prevent the growth of subaquatic organisms in these areas that are constantly exposed to seawater. Basic anti-foul paints include the 1L Primocon Underwater Primer and the Trilux 33 Antifoul. For stronger protection and maximum growth prevention, the Awlcraft Antifoul or Micron 66 Antifoul are among your top choices.

To make the job easier, it’s best to use the right painting tools and accessories. We offer a wide range of paint brushes, rollers and tape that can help you apply paint faster and minimise any mess on deck.

We also supply a variety of thinners that can assist you in touch ups and clean ups after applying paint.

And if you’re painting on a non-skid area, we have slip resistant deck paint and aggregate designed for these purposes.