Star Tron Fuel Enzyme Shooter

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Star Tron Fuel Enzyme Shooter

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a multifunctional fuel additive which uses a unique enzyme technology that allows all engines to start easily and run smoothly, even when using ethanol-blended fuel or after sitting idle for months.

Star Tron allows fuel to burn more completely, which results in maximum performance, fuel efficiency and reliable operation.

Star Tron will stabilse fuel for up to two years, preventing the formation of gums and other solids that clog carburetors and fuel injectors. Star Tron helps prevent phase separation by dispersing water throughout fuel as submicron-sized droplets that can be safely eliminated while the engine operates. 

Star Tron Small Engine formula is ideal for use in all gas engines including; boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, small equipment as well as engines that use pre-mix fuel.

This 30ml Shooter will treat up to 100L of fuel. 


  • Cures and prevents ethanol fuel problems.

  • Makes engines start easily and run smoothly.

  • Stabilises gasoline for up to 2 years and rejuvenates old fuel.

  • Removes and prevents gum, varnish and carbon deposits.

  • Improves performance and fuel economy.

  • Helps prevent phase separation by dispersing water into submicron-sized droplets.