Star Brite Screen Cleaner & Protectant with PTEF

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Star Brite Screen Cleaner and Protectant - 237ml

The premium screen cleaner from Star Brite is formulated specifically for marine electronics and plastics. The screen cleaner is formulated with PTEF polymers to help protect your device against UV damage and prolong the life of your marine electronics.

Star brite Screen Cleaner & Protectant's unique formula is specifically designed to clean touchscreens and navigation screens while providing a protective barrier to keep them clean and legible, even in wet conditions.

A blend of cleaning agents gently removes oily fingerprints and grime without harming the surface, while the PTEF polymers bond to plastic surfaces to repel moisture and UV rays as well as future grime and fingerprints.

  • Removes fingerprints, smudges and salt deposits.
  • Will not affect touchscreen performance
  • Great for sunglasses, phones & tablets
  • 237ml easy to use spray bottle