Special Care Green Sanitation Additive

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Special Care Green Sanitation Additive

Awarded with the ecological hallmark, this green additive for the waste holding tank is outstanding on odour protection and more importantly, is environmentally friendly. It is accepted at all campsites. Dometic SpecialCare Green doesn’t compromise on power either: preventing gas and smells in the waste tank of a portable toilet or caravan toilet for around four days. It has a pleasant and fresh fragrance and quickly breaks down waste. It even remains effective after freezing and thawing which is great news for winter campers. 


  • Awarded with the ecological hallmark
  • Environmentally friendly without compromising on performance
  • Works even after freezing and thawing
  • Has a handy dose measuring strip on the bottle
  • Accepted at all campsites
  • Has a fresh and pleasant fragrance


  • Depth: 60mm
  • Height: 287mm
  • Width: 140mm
  • Weight: 1.54kg