SonarHub Sounder Module

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B&G, Simrad & Lowrance SonarHub Sounder Module

The SonarHub Sounder Module is an external module designed to bring extra sounder capability to select Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sounders. The SonarHub allows expansion into TotalScan, StructureScan HD, ForwardScan and CHIRP transducers, with easy plug and play setup. 


EchoSounder Frequencies 455/800 kHz (StructureScan® HD), 40-60kHz, 85-145kHz, 130-210kHz (CHIRP), 50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz (Narrow Band)
Transducer Type Multiple selections
Waterproof Standard/rating IPx7
Product Width 7.1 in \ 180 mm
Product Height 2.2 in \ 57 mm
Product Weight 2 lbs \ 0.9 kg
Operating Temperature -28° to 75° C (-20° to 167° F)
Other Features Max Depth Per Optional Transducer Type
StructureScan: Max 91 m / 300 ft @ 455/800 KHz
CHIRP: 1067 m / 3,500 ft (transducer dependent)
Warranty: Limited two-year warranty
Output Power Max 500W RMS (StructureScan® HD), 250W RMS (CHIRP)
  Ethernet: Three ports
Power: 4-pin power connector
Transducer Port 1: Blue 7-pin connector for CHIRP and narrow-band transducers
Transducer Port 2: Black 9-pin connector for use with StructureScan® HD
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12 or 24 vDC (9-32 vDC min-max)