Seats and Tables

Whether you’re upgrading or replacing, the range of quality Seats and Tables Boating And RV stock will have you feeling like royalty whenever you’re on the road or the water. Be sure to get the perfect setup with the quality gear - less replacing in the years to come. 

Kit out your boat or RV with Boating And RV Seats and Tables 

Who would’ve thought Seats and Tables played such a big role in the boating and RV game. The reality is, they definitely do. They’re the products that keep you comfortable and secure whether you’re waiting for the next nibble on a line or setting up the dinner table at your favourite campsite - never be caught out with a setup that doesn’t cater to your adventuring needs. 

When you’re out at sea, you want to be sure you’ve got products that can handle a little water (or in some cases, a lot of water). You’re looking for a comfortable product to start with, but also one that is covered with UV stabilised upholstery - avoiding cracks, mildew buildup or mold is a must. 

 If you’re needing a new seat suspension we have a wide range that are corrosion resistant. A good suspension setup will protect you from shock wave impact, ensuring you’re getting longevity out of your product and safety every single time.  

If you’re after something super-specific and can’t find it online with Boating And RV, be sure to contact us to see what we can do for you.