Safety Grab Bag Small

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10L Safety Grab Bag

Pains Wessex Grab Bag is a buoyant, bright safety yellow and red, splash-proof bag which offers a simple and easy way to store safety equipment like Flares, EPIRB, First Aid Kit, Strobe Light and Marker Dye.

When the bag is sealed, the dimensions are 30cm x 24cm x 14cm - approx 10 litre capacity

Ideal in a boat, jetski or kayak.

Hang it over the seat headrest for a quick "grab" when in times of distress.

The shoulder carry strap allows you to have the first aid kit and emergency supplies at the ready if and when abandoning ship.


  • Velcro rollover seal
  • Bright yellow for easy identification.
  • Over shoulder adjustable carry strap
  • Buoyant
  • Water resistant & Splash Proof
  • Hard wearing
  • Vessel name and registration label position
  • Polyurethane Nylon