Safety Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment

Cruise safely on land or sea with boat safety and caravan equipment from Boating & RV.

Boat and caravan safety are paramount, so you need to make sure that you have all the safety equipment you need to get to your destination with minimal risk. You’ll find a range of boat safety equipment and caravan supplies here at Boating & RV, so you can always be prepared no matter where you’re going.

PFDs and Life Rafts

Whether you’re sailing near the shore or exploring deep waters, you need reliable flotation devices to be present on board at all times.

We stock a variety of life jackets, personal flotation devices (PFDs) and life vests that can provide the stable flotation you need to keep you safe out in the water. Our collection includes conventional PFDs as well as specially designed units for yachting and racing. We even have pet PFDs available to help keep your pets safe on deck or in the water.

If you need equipment for emergency situations, we stock industrial-grade lifebuoys and man overboard gear that provide excellent tools for rescue operations. Our collection also includes a variety of buoy accessories that can improve their function and provide better storage on board.

We even stock industrial-grade life rafts that can be lifesavers if the worst happens and you need to abandon your boat. These life rafts feature incredibly strong canopy fabrics, premium inflation systems and insulated floors for maximum safety and comfort.

Location and Signalling

No set of safety equipment is complete without location and signalling devices. Keep yourself and others safe by always having these tools on board wherever you go.

If you’re looking for high-quality signalling devices to add to your kit, we have distress flares that will help you get attention when you need it. Our collection includes conventional distress flares as well as an electronic, LED-based signal flare for extended use.

We also stock a variety of useful signalling devices which includes blast horns, light sticks, signalling mirrors and reflectors.

For emergencies, we stock a number of reliable EPIRBs and PLBs from trusted brands. These locators can help rescuers pinpoint your location and track your position quicker during rescues.

Other Safety Tools and Accessories

Aside from flotation and signalling devices, we also supply equipment that can improve your safety on board and prevent bad situations from getting worse.

Our collection includes safety essentials like fire extinguishers and first aid as well as more specialised gear like torches, strobes and lifejacket lights.

We also stock safety harnesses and tethers that can keep you strapped in and prevent you from falling overboard or getting separated. We even have safety grab bags that you can use to store important supplies during emergency situations.

Other safety equipment that we supply includes bailers for managing water on board, strong lifeline netting for preventing slips and falls, and knives designed for marine use.

Browse through our boat and caravan safety equipment today to find high-quality tools and accessories at competitive prices.