Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps 12V

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Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps 12V

These NEW model heavy duty fully automatic pumps have all the features of the Rule-Mate pumps detailed on the previous page - with the addition of very heavy duty Rule commercial motors.
These new models now also incorporate threaded discharge ports for ease of installation and a single touch test button feature. They are supplied with 2 x straight threaded outlet ports - 1 x straight
to suit 25mm (1") hose & 1 x straight to suit 28mm (1 1/8") hose. Both pumps have a base footprint size of 150 x 100mm Total overall dimensions inc. outlet : 225mm L x 106mm W x 152mm H
These pumps have the 3rd wire feature detailed on previous page and use the control panels shown on previous page to allow them to run with manual over-ride operation if desired.

  • Available in 12 volt & 24 volt (2000 only). 3 year limited warranty.
  • Fully automatic all-in-one submersible bilge pump systems
  • NEW model incorporates single touch pump check button
  • NEW model includes threaded discharge ports - 2 hose sizes
Product Code GPH LPM Volts Amps
401216 1500 94 12V 4.8
401217 2000 126 12V 8.4