Rule LoPro Pump Automatic Operation

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Rule LoPro Pump Automatic Operation

The NEW Rule LoPro (low profile) bilge pumps are small enough to fit into tight spaces in the bilge - yet they pack real pumping power at 900 gallons per hour - 3,400 litres per hour - 57 litres per minute.
These new pumps include numerous features for ease of installation, ease of use and multiple options for use. 2 models available - standard NON-auto or dual sensing AUTOMATIC.

  • Up to 900 GPH - 3,400 LPH - 57 litres per minute at open flow
  • Up to 634 GPH - 2,400 LPH - 40 litres per minute at 1 metre head
  • Up to 418 GPH - 1,582 LPH - 26 litres per minute at 2 metre head
  • Maximum head height - 4 metres = 0 flow
  • Compact 60mm high (port to the side) 60mm wide (port upright)
  • Length - 195mm RWB5158 Std Model - 245mm RWB5159 Auto
  • Fully submersible - horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Ignition protected - won’t create a spark
  • Thermal cut-out to prevent overheating if run dry
  • Silicone blocked tinned 16 gauge wiring
  • Rotating discharge body swivels 180 deg for ease of installation
  • Threaded discharge nozzle with multiple hose ports included as standard in the package - 4 different hose ports provided -
  • 1 each 20mm, 25mm & 28mm straight & 1 x 20mm 90 deg elbow
  • Straight discharge ports include a nitrile non-return check valve (for use on straight ports only - not to be used on 90 deg port)
  • 3 year limited warranty

The automatic LoPro includes all features as detailed further above with the additional benefit of automatic operation in multiple modes - NO float switch is required.

  • High or low water sensing mode - the pump can be set to start operation at either 33mm or 50mm bilge water height
  • Electronic automatic timer mode - The pump can be set to automatically check for water every 2 1/2 minutes - if water is present it will continue to run and pump bilge water. This feature is very handy - however if you leave the boat unattended on a mooring it may run down the battery over time, if you don’t have solar panels or a wind generator Etc to constantly charge the battery - in this case set the pump only to high or low mode
  • Includes pump test mode
  • Includes manual over-ride 3rd wire - requires a Rule 3 way panel switch RWB23 or 107 to operate this feature - see next page
  • 12 volt 4 amp use a 7.5 amp fuse A 12 volt DC only - DO NOT run direct off a 240v-12v transformer