Ronstan RF74100AW Series 75 Single Block

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Ronstan RF74100AW Series 75 Single Block

Ronstan RF74100AW Series 75 Single Block, Aluminium Rope sheave. A two-stage bearing system provides excellent performance across the full working load range with an integrated thrust bearing feature and the resilience to handle high dynamic or static loads. 

Anodised aluminium sheave, aluminium alloy cheeks, high compression strength carbon black acetal ball bearings and grade 316 stainless steel shack, post and hub for reliability and a long service life. 

ideal for use on mainsheet, spinnaker sheet, vang, halyard and backstay applications on boats up to 14m.


  • Class leading performance and sleek, contemporary styling
  • Excellent dynamic and high static load performance
  • Less than half the friction of the nearest competitor
  • Durable alloy Rope/Wire sheave
  • Universal head with full 3-axis articulation
  • Shackle head lockable at 0 or 90 degrees
  • Central hub hole can be used as a becket take-off or tie-up point
Sheave Ø 75 mm
Max. Rope Ø 14 mm
Max. Cable Ø 8 mm
Pin Ø 8 mm
M.W.L. 1500 kg
B. L. 3000 kg
Weight 432 g