Ronstan RF64100 Series 60 AP Blocks

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Ronstan RF64100 Series 60 AP Blocks

Ronstan RF64100 Series 60 All Purpose Block. Core Blocks are a true all round solution. A tuned two-stage ball bearing system provides excellent performance across the full working load range with an integrated thrust bearing feature and the resilience to handle high dynamic or static loads. Acetal sheave, alloy cheeks and stainless fixings complete the durable package. For liability and a long service life, these blocks are the right choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising or racing. 

The head assembly incorporates a brass bearing washing to provide smooth 360° rotation of the post and shackle. A set screws arrangement allows the head to be locked at 0° or 90°. Shackles are high quality forged grade 316 stainless steel. 

Ideal for mainsheet, halyard and spinnaker sheet applications on boats to 11m, various control line applications on larger yachts and alloy sheave models are available for use with wire. 


Sheave Ø 60 mm
Max. Rope Ø 12 mm
Max. Cable Ø - mm
Pin Ø 6 mm
M.W.L. 1000 kg
B. L. 2000 kg
Weight 235 g