Ronstan RF55201 Series 55 Double Orbit Block

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Ronstan RF55201 Series 55 Double Orbit Block

Ronstan RF55201 Series 55 Double Orbit Block, Becket. The orbit ball bearing arrangement gives the largest possible bearing race diameter. This maximises load performance. The proven Ronstan two-stage bearing system feature high compression grade Acetal ball bearing and secondary full-contact bearings. This gives minimum friction across the full working load range. Ultra lightweight with the highest working load in its class. Low profile and compact, high performance cleating and easily fitted and securely retained Dyneema® Link head. 

Suitable for mainsheet systems on dinghies, sports boats and small keel boats up to 9m. Halyard, vang and backstay applications on boats up to 8m and control line applications on larger yachts. 

High compression strength carbon black Acetal ball bearing, carbon fibre reinforced Nylon two-stage bearing system. Toughed glass fibre reinforced Nylon frame and cheeks. U.V. stabilised multi-strand Dyneema® Rope Link. 

Sheave Ø 55 mm
Max. Rope Ø 10 mm
Max. Cable Ø mm
Pin Ø - mm
M.W.L. 800 kg
B. L. 1600 kg
Weight 134 g