Rocna Anchors

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ROCNA Anchor 15kg

Rocna anchors are the ultimate in anchor design. Unlike traditional ploughs that will drag along on their sides, a Rocna will bury itself completely in it's own length. The Rocna's large blade area and concave shape offers the greatest holding power for all types of seabeds.

Rocna anchors feature a roll-bar, ensuring that the anchor will turn itself to the correct attitude for the setting. These Rona Anchors feature a heavy duty, hot dipped, galvanised finish.


  • Strong galvanised steel design,
  • Roll-bar for self-setting attitude,
  • Suitability for all seabeds.


Anchor Size Approximate Boat Size*
4kg 4-6m
6kg 5-8m
10kg 6-10m
15kg 8-11m
20kg 9-12m
25kg 10-14m
40kg 14-22m

*Anchor size recommendations are a guide only due to variations of boat design & operating areas.