Rigging and Balustrading

Rigging and Balustrading Supplies

If you’re looking to add wire balustrades or similar structures to your boat, then you need to use the right tools for the job. At Boating & RV, we supply a variety of rigging and balustrading tools that can help you set up the structure you want on board. We also have rigging accessories designed specifically for boats, giving you better functionality and ease of installation.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Different balustrades call for different types of wire rope, so you need to pick the right one for your needs. We offer stainless steel wire ropes that come in a variety of configurations and thicknesses so that you can choose the most suitable one for the job.

For general balustrading projects, the 1.6mm Stainless Steel Seizing Wire should do. This softened seizing wire can be tied easily and used for different types of balustrading and rigging tasks.

If you’re looking for something to use on life lines and guard rails, then the 3.2mm stainless steel Life Line Wire may be more suitable. This wire also comes with white plastic coating, which offers a smoother surface for easier handling.

For more load-intensive areas and heavy-duty rigging, construction ropes are your go-to ropes. The 7/7 Construction Stainless Steel Wire Rope is great for standing rigging, trapeze wires and halyards. It’s also semi-flexible, making it a popular wire rope that’s used even for architectural and industrial uses. The 7/19 Construction Stainless Steel Wire Rope, meanwhile, offers many of the same features but with more flexibility and a more intricate strand formation.

But if you need wire rope with a high strength rating and the least stretch, then the 1/19 Construction Stainless Steel Wire Rope is your choice. This wire is the stiffest in our collection of wire ropes, and it’s especially great for standing rigging and lifelines.

And if you need tools for securing different parts of your wire rope, we also have thimbles, swages and rope grips that will help keep these ropes in place.

Swaging and Wire Cutting Tools

When you’re working with steel wires, you need cutting tools that are just as tough – if not tougher. We have swaging and wire cutting tools that will help you cut these ropes quickly and easily, helping you get the job done faster.

For general wire cutting, you can use our Parrot Beak Wire Cutters that are made for cutting steel wire ropes. These cutters come in three versions, with models designed for cutting different thicknesses of wire.

If you’re after a high-quality swaging tool, then the Tridon Swaging Tool should provide what you’re looking for. This portable hand swaging tool is made of forged alloy steel, ensuring superior compression strength and long-lasting durability.

Turnbuckles, Bolts and Screws

We offer a variety of turnbuckles that will help you style and set up your balustrades in different ways. Our collection includes fork and fork open body turnbucklesfork and fork full body turnbuckles and eye to eye open body turnbuckles. All these turnbuckles are made of stainless steel to ensure superior strength and corrosion resistance.

We also have U bolts, eye bolts, nuts and screws that you can use for various rigging and balustrading applications.