PWM Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V 24V

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PWM Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V 24V

Enerdrive PWM 30A Solar Charge Controller benefits include:

  • Protects battery from overcharge and discharge
  • 12/24V auto detect
  • Handles up to 30 Amps of Array Current
  • Handles up to 450 Watts of solar power
  • Maintenance free protection of your solar panel and batteries
  • Maintains battery voltage
  • Maintain 12/24V batteries in a fully charged state

Product Features:

  • Informative backlight LCD display indicates solar charge input, charge/load output Voltage/Amps
  • Selectable battery type Sealed, Flooded & Gel
  • 2 x USB Outputs 2.4A
  • Full output operation up to 55oC
  • Temperature compensation
  • High precision on voltage set point
  • Wall mountable
Nominal System Voltage 12/24V DC
Battery input voltage range


Rated charge/discharge current

30A @ 55 °C
Max. PV open circuit voltage 12V - 25V OC/24V - 50VOC
Battery type Sealed (default) / Gel / Flooded
Bulk/Absorption charging voltage Sealed: 14.4V/ Gel: 14.2V/ Flooded 14.8V
Equalise charging voltage Sealed: 14.4V/ Gel: 14.2V/ Flooded 14.8V
Float charging voltage Sealed/ Gel / Flooded: 13.8V
Low voltage reconnect Sealed/ Gel / Flooded: 12.6V
Low voltage disconnect Sealed/ Gel / Flooded: 11.1V
Self consumption 12V; 18mA/24V; 14.5mA
Temperature compensation co-efficient -18mV/°[email protected] / -36mV/°C >25°[email protected]
Charge circuit voltage drop 0.29V
Discharge circuit voltage drop 0.16V
LCD temperature range

-20 °C + 70 °C

Working environment temperature -25 °C + 55 °C
Relative humidity 95% N.C.
Enclosure IP30
Grounding Common Positive
USB Output 5VDC/2.4A (Total)
Overall dimensions 181 x 101 x 60mm
Mounting dimensions 172 x 80mm
Mounting hole size Ø5.0mm
Terminals 16mm²/6AWG
Net weight 0.55kg