PowerWinch PW712A Trailer Winch

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PowerWinch PW712A Trailer Winch

The PowerWinch PW712A Trailer Winch is designed for medium sized boats up to 23' (7m). A pulley or block at the bow eye can be used to double the pulling power however, retrieval speed is halved. Smooth power-in/freewheel out action for fastest launching and retrieval speeds. The Power Winches are made from the highest grade materials and designed for long wear. They feature an adjustable clutch for controlled boat launching. Complete with colour coded 60 amp standard wiring harness for easy connection to the vehicle's battery. Easy to self-load with switch and convenient 25' lanyard cord. Includes manual handle and comes with two years warranty. 


  • Max Boat Length: 23'
  • Max Boat Weight: 3400kg
  • Circuit Breaker: 60 Amp
  • Line Speed: 14ft p/m
  • Gear Ratio: 225:1
  • Dimensions: 254 x 254 x 203mm
  • Winch Weight: 15kg
  • Winch Cable: 7/32" x 50'