Polyester Double Braid

Double Braid Polyester Rope is the standard for boating and marine use. Polyester fibres are waterproof, resistant to UV and resistant to wear and tear, making it the perfect material for dock and mooring lines, yacht rigging, and any other activity that requires a rope that can take the wear of the marine environment. 

Double braid rope utilises a sheath over core weave. The core is where the rope gets its strength, and the sheath gives the core an extra layer of protection from the elements, and as it is also polyester, it makes the rope quite soft - perfect for sheet lines and other hands-on activities. 

Our double braid is available in multiple colours and fleck patterns. When choosing rope for sailboat control lines, we suggest using a colour scheme that is distinctive and easy to remember. 

When selecting our double braid rope, please note that we cut the rope to the quantity you specify, in metres. This is done with a hot knife designed specifically for cutting rope, and will ensure that your rope doesn't fray.