Plumbing and Sanitation

Promote proper safety and hygiene on board by building a seamless plumbing and sanitation system. Get all the tools and accessories you need for your system here at Boating & RV.

Pumps and Pump Accessories

Pumps are essential to a boat’s plumbing system, so you need to make sure yours work properly without any hitches. At Boating & RV, we offer a range of pumps and pump accessories that can give you the pumping power you need to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

We stock a wide range of bilge pumps with different speeds and capacities, from basic 360gph bilge pumps to high-powered 3700gph units. If you want to upgrade your pumping system, we also have bilge pump float switches and control switches that can give you more control of your pumps. Together, these pumps and accessories will help you prevent bilge overflows and keep your boat cleaner.

We also have impeller pumps and macerators if you need units for strong, high-pressure pumping.

For washdowns and deck cleaning, we have high-quality deck wash pumps that can make clean-ups faster and easier. And if you’re looking for an effective cleaning kit for your deck, you can try our complete washdown kits which provide everything you need for a thorough deck wash.

Parts and Fittings

If you need to upgrade parts of your boat’s plumbing, we supply a variety of parts and fittings that can make your system perform like new.

We have industrial showershoses and clamps that can ensure clear and smooth water flow throughout your boat. For connecting parts and securing systems, we offer a variety of skin fittingsjoiners and connectors that create stable connections for making everything work seamlessly. We also have several types of valves available if you need better control of your system’s water output.

Our collection of drains, plugs and bungs, meanwhile, ensures you have efficient drainage capacity in your boat. If you need a better filtration system, then our water filters and strainers will greatly improve its filtering.

And, of course, no good plumbing and sanitation system would be complete without an efficient toilet system. If you need to upgrade this part of your boat, we have toilet and toilet accessories that can help you make the improvements you’re after.

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are unavoidable, especially in a boat’s plumbing and sanitation system. If you need to make repairs on these systems, we stock a range of tools and accessories to make the job easier.

We have sealants and tape that you can use to fix leaks, secure seals and protect vulnerable parts of your plumbing. These products are made specifically for boat use, with many of them having waterproof capabilities to ensure air-tight sealing.

To ensure proper hygiene and sanitation in your toilets, you can use any of our toilet cleaners and sanitisers to keep these areas clean. Our collection includes cleaners and lubricants that not only help keep your toilet system clean but also prevent any clog-ups and accumulation of dirt.

If you have a holding tank on your boat, you can also use our holding tank accessories to help keep it clean and in good condition.