Penrite Marine Grease (500g)

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Penrite Marine Grease (500g)

Marine Grease is an NLGI 2 green coloured, tacky, high temperature multi-purpose lithium complex grease. It contains a special anti-rust Additive for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion in marine and salt water Environments. It also contains tackiness additives to allow it to stay in place providing excellent water resistance and shock loading under all operating conditions.


Marine Grease has been formulated to provide outstanding lubrication and protection in marine applications.It is suitable for both leisure craft through to industrial marine fleets. Its applications include winch gears, Stern Drives, prop shaft splines, steering tubes and cables, throttle lines and linkages, dog seals, trunion steering mounts, shaft support bearings and most other general on-board greasing points.

Marine Grease can be used on both Automotive and Boat Trailer Bearings including those fitted with " Buddies" and disk Brakes. It can also be used for override tow hitch couplings for mechanical and Hydraulic braking systems on trailers, as well as on trailer winches and trailer rollers, jockey wheels and winding screw.

Marine Grease is an excellent water resistant grease for use on motorcycles, Quad Bikes and ATV' for both on and off road use. It can be used on the front and rear wheel axles, front fork steering bearings and as a protectant against rust and corrosion in areas prone to retaining dirt and water.

Marine Grease is also suitable for other automotive and industrial applications requiring excellent rust and corrosion protection. These include rolling element bearings, plain bearings, chassis parts, gears and couplings, particularly where water is present such as in steel mills, underground tunnelling or mining and ore crushing plants.

Use For

  • Marine - Winch Gears
  • Marine - Stern Drive Couplings
  • Marine - Dog Seals
  • Marine - Throttle Cables
  • Marine - Thrust Cables
  • Marine - Thrust Nozzle Rods
  • Marine - Intermediate Housing
  • Marine - Shift Controller
  • Marine - Boat Trailer Bearings
  • Marine - Deck Equipment
  • Marine - Wire Ropes & Cables
  • Marine - Bearing Buddies
  • Marine - Steering Tubes
  • Marine - Prop Shaft Splines
  • Industrial & Manufacturing - Wet Environments


  • Enhanced protection against rust and corrosion
  • Protects against shock loadings.
  • Excellent resistance to water wash out.
  • Long service Life.
  • Lead and chlorine free.
  • Good pumpability.
  • Contains tackiness additives to help grease stay in place.

Tech Data

Colour Green
NLGI Grade 2
Soap Type Lithium Complex
Base Oil Viscosity, ISO 220
Timkin OK Load, kg 23
Drop Point, °C 275
4-ball Weld Load, kg 315
EMCOR Corrosion Test, synthetic sea water 0/0
Continuous Operating Temperature, °C -15 to +170
Maximum Temperature, Intermittent use, °C 180

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