Your Boat Deserves a Quality Protective Cover

Your Boat Deserves a Quality Protective Cover

If you live in Sunny Queensland and travel near the water, you might notice a surprising amount of boats parked outside under trees or in the sun's full exposure that don't have a proper protective cover.

A quality boat cover helps preserve your vessel's exterior protective finish as well as the interior and the instruments you have installed by preventing cracked seats and sun-ware on sounders, pumps, and batteries. Weather degradation is a costly pain that can be avoided.

At Boating & RV, we stock a large range of Oceansouth boat covers and have a great online guide that will help walk you through measuring your boat and selecting the right cover. Read How to Measure for Oceansouth Boat Covers.

Oceansouth Boat Covers Include

  • Weatherproof and breathable boat cover
  • Trailerable straps and tie downs
  • Convenient storage bag

To avoid pooling of water after rain, we recommend using the boat cover support pole kit to further preserve the conditions and life of your boat cover.

26th Mar 2019