Lowrance HDS Carbon Software Release

Lowrance HDS Carbon Software Release

While the HDS Carbon range is a little hard to buy new now that the new HDS Elite range has been released to replace the Carbons. Lowrance are still hard at work making sure you get new and better features from your device. Check out their latest software update!

Active Imaging™ allows anglers to see structure and cover at a greater distance from their boat with more refined detail than any other structure imaging technology. The NOS 18.3 software update enables support for both Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 (CHIRP | SideScan | DownScan Imaging™) and 2-in-1 (SideScan | DownScan Imaging™) transducers.

Active Imaging Enhancements for StructureScan® 3D include a cleaner water column with less noise, refreshed colour palettes that do a better job of delivering the maximum amount of detail, plus a new depth-highlighting feature that colours the user-selected upper- and lower- depth limit area to help anglers better isolate specific structure and bottom depth.

Lowrance Software Release – 18.3

Release Date: 8 January 2019

Version: 18.3


We are pleased to announce the release of new Lowrance 18.3 software for HDS Carbon, displays. The new software will provide anglers with support for new Active Imaging and StructureScan® 3D with Active Imaging Enhancements, LR-1 Wireless Remote compatibility and several improvements that make HDS Carbon displays even easier to use.


The NOS 18.3 release upgrades HDS Carbon with integrated support for new Active Imaging technology. Active Imaging is a new scanning sonar technology that provides incredibly detailed, high resolution imaging sonar without sacrificing any range. Active Imaging transducers accomplish this by better directing the SideScan beams to deliver extreme high resolution detail and improved range.

NOTE: To get the full advantages of Active Imaging™, you will need to purchase an Active Imaging™ transducer for your HDS Carbon system::

  • The Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer combines the new Active Imaging SideScan and DownScan Imaging sonar with a traditional Medium/High CHIRP sonar element for easy single transducer installation.
  • The Active Imaging 2-in-1 transducer allows anglers to use SideScan and DownScan Imaging from an Active Imaging transducer with a separate CHIRP transducer for dual transducer installs.

Active Imaging operates at 800kHz or 455kHz with maximum ranges of 150ft (800kHz) or 300ft (455kHz) to the sides of the boat.


Active Imaging Enhancements for StructureScan® 3D:

  • Updated colour palettes to maximise detail and appearance
  • Depth Highlighting – in 3D mode
  • Better isolate specific structure/bottom depths to hone in on prime fishing areas
  • Select the upper and lower values and 3D will fill the area with colour
  • Reduced noise in the water column - Filter out the "vapour trail" left by turbulence of some boats


No more searching through the "Structure" page menus to find your desired View (Down/Side/3D/Spotlight) with new DownScan Imaging, SideScan, and 3D Sonar icons on the home page.

  • The SideScan, DownScan Imaging, and 3D Sonar icons replace the StructureScan icon on the home page.
  • The separate icons make it easier to use the applications and customise images.

Additionally, the HDS Carbon 18.3 update you are no longer limited to just two Structure views. Now you can view Side/Down/3D all at the same time to get the full picture of what is beneath the boat.

  • With this update you now have more split screen options than before with more control over customisation.
  • Ability to resize panels that were previously fixed = more flexibility

When a 9-pin transducer is connected to the 9-pin port on an HDS Carbon the sonar will now default to enabling/using Channel 2 as the sonar source. For those of you using TotalScan or the new Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer, you will not have to manually turn on Channel 2 and then set the sonar source for Channel 2.
NOTE: You will still have to set the "Use temp data from" option to Channel 2 in the Settings > Sonar menu.


Upload Sonar Log Simplification

Under "Storage" (previously called "Files"), there is a new quick access Sonar logs icon that provides quick access to Waypoint Management, Sonar Logs and views of active upload/download transfers.

In the settings menu, you can log into your C-MAP® Genesis account to manage sonar log uploads.

To connect and transfer:

  • Connect HDS Carbon to the internet
  • Log into your C-MAP Genesis account or go to to create an account
  • After logging in you can manage transfers via the C-MAP Genesis feature in the Services menu of the HDS Carbon.


The internal Wi-Fi on HDS Carbon can now connect to the internet and perform screen mirroring at the same time via the Link App.

Previously, there were two Wi-Fi modes and users could only switch between Client OR Access Point. Only one HDS with built in Wi-Fi can act as one access point and one client simultaneously in a system. The Wireless page now includes a wizard to connect to the internet and to help connect mobile devices to the display, making it easier to connect to the internet and other devices.


14th Jan 2019