NAC-3 Core Autopilot Pack

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NAC-3 Core Autopilot Pack

When building an autopilot network for a rudder steered boat, the NAC-3 core pack is the perfect place to start. The core package will work with select Simrad and B&G headunits or dedicated autopilot controllers, and will simply need the correct sized drive unit to finish it off. 

This system is designed for boats over 10m - For boats under 10m, the NAC-3 offers the same pack, tailored towards smaller boats.

This pack includes a NAC-3 Core computer, a RF25N rudder feedback unit, and Precision-9 solid state compass. The core computer takes the bearing data from the Precision 9 to generate a heading based on inputs from your B&G or Simrad Multi-function display (or dedicated autopilot controller). The RF25N rudder feedback unit gives accurate, instantaneous rudder movement data to the core computer, allowing the computer to drive the rudder perfectly, keeping the vessel on course with better efficiency and accuracy. This is especially useful for sailing vessels, as heel will swing the vessel, and the core computer can use the RF25N to compute the optimal position for the rudder to keep the desired heading. 

The entire system runs over the NMEA2000 network, and with simple automatic tuning and compass calibration, the NAC-3 is easy to install and use. 

Package includes

  • 1x NAC-3 Core Computer
  • 1x RF25N Rudder Feedback Unit
  • 1x Precision-9 Solid State Compass
  • All required NMEA 2000 backbone cables and connectors. 


  • Power Output: 30amps Continuous, 50amps Peak. (Suitable for high-current drive units)
  • Clutch Output: Yes
  • Connections: NMEA2000