Maxwell RC Series Vertical Anchor Winch

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Maxwell RC6 Series Vertical Anchor Winch

The Maxwell RC series are low profile, vertical winches which features a solid 316 grade stainless steal build. 

The RC winches use a chromed bronze chainwheel, designed to effortlessly retrieve 6 and 10mm chain spliced to 12 to 16mm line. The two piece installation saves time, and can be retrofitted without disassembly of windlass. A unique spacer tube lets the RC series fit through virtually any deck thickness, and the multiple mounting positions and self aligning gearbox ensure that the optimal mounting position can be attained. 

Full disassembly of the topworks is capable of using only the handle provided and an Allen key. 

The RC series works with all chain rodes for those who desire a low-profile, elegant windlass on their foredeck. 

The cone type clutch/break permits manual free-fall. 

Specifications - RC6 & RC8

Model RC6 RC8 6mm RC8 8mm
Maximum Pull 350kg 350kg 600kg
Static Hold 700kg 1200 1200kg
Chain Short Link 6-7mm 6-7mm 8mm
Rope Size  12mm 12mm 14-16mm
Chain Speed 24m/min 28m/min 32m/min
Rope Speed 21m/min 24m/min 28m/min
Power Supply (DC) 12 or 24V 12 or 24V 12 or 24V
Motor Power 500W 600w 1000W
Net weight 8.5kg 12.5 16.5kg

Specifications - RC10

Model RC10 8mm RC10 10mm
Maximum Pull 700kg 850kg
Static Hold 1500kg 1500kg
Chain Short Link 8mm 10mm
Rope Size  14mm-16mm 16mm
Chain Speed 24m/min 24m/min
Rope Speed 20m/min 20m/min
Power Supply (DC) 12 or 24V 12 or 24V
Motor Power 1000W 1200W
Net weight 19kg 20kg

Important: Maxwell windlasses must be used in conjunction with a chain stopper or snubbing device to take the load off the windlass while laying at anchor. The chain stopper and alternative snubbing system should also be used to secure the anchor in the fully raised position while under way.

Package Includes

  • Windlass topworks,
  • Gearbox,
  • Dual direction solenoid.