Mastervolt SineWave Inverter

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Mastervolt SineWave Inverter

Mastervolt SineWave inverters provide a compact and lightweight solution for those seeking a 230/50hz AC current from their 12 or 24V system. Regardless if it’s a hairdryer, microwave, TV or powertools, the pure sine wave preserves your equipment without disruption.

Each SineWave inverter uses a robust, cable and plug & play inlets, keeping connections simple and safe. A high conversion efficiency and automatic no-consumption economy mode ensures a longer lifespan for batteries, all whilst running high-frequency switching technology, ensuring that your batteries are charged whilst remaining whisper quiet.


  • Robust plug & play and cable connectors
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Quiet running
  • High peak loads on startup
  • Compact & lightweight design


Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
230V 12V 300W 210 130 60
230V 12V 500W 210 130 60
230V 12V 800W 325 220 111
230V 12V 2000W 420 318 136
230V 24V 800W 325 220 111
230V 24V 2500W  420 318 130
230V 24V 5000W 470 315 254