Paint and Maintenance

Whether you’re changing your boat’s looks or giving it a touch-up to make it look like new again, you’ll find a variety of paint and maintenance tools here at Boating & RV.

Cleaners and Polishers

Whether you’re doing routine maintenance or minor repairs, our maintenance tools and equipment will help you make the most of your time and effort.

We have a selection of cleaners and stain removers that are designed for all types of stains, boat parts and cleaning activities. This includes mildew odour controlsbilge cleanersboat washeshull cleanersfibreglass colour restorers and rubbing compounds. We also have restorers for different types of surfaces such as varnish and teak oil, vinyl cleaners and restorers, metal restorers and wood preservers.

For polishing and waxing, we supply multi-purpose marine polishes that provide long lasting shines. We also have premium marine polishes with PTEF for maximum glide and smoothness.

Maintenance Tools

Our collection of maintenance tools features different wash kits, brushes and accessories that can help make clean-ups a breeze. These items include soft brusheshard brushes and hand-held scrubbers. We also stock heavy hand tools that can help you install hardware to your boat. And if you want to keep your work on deck safer, you can install anti-skid tape and pads in slippery sections and other accident-prone areas.

For smoothing surfaces and sanding down parts, we have a variety of sandpaper and blocks available.

We also have zinc anodes that you can use in different circuitries to prevent corrosion and increase durability.