Whether it be recreational or commercial boating, safety should be your number one priority. Having a liferaft onboard allows you to have a little piece of mind while on the water. This vital piece of safety equipment should not be overlooked as it could one day save your life in the event of an emergency

Purchasing Liftrafts and liferaft equipment with Boating And RV

While shopping for a lure or new rod can be easy and frivolous, consideration should be made while shopping for a Liferaft as it is a vital piece of boating equipment. You should take into consideration weight and capacity limits to suit the users, the durability of the materials used in construction to suit the water conditions and visibility and stability.

Whether it’s recreational boating or commercial boating, Boating and RV has the Liferaft to suit the size of your boat and your needs.

All the liferafts and liferaft equipment stocked on Boating and RV meet Australian manufacturing and safety standards.

It’s important to also service your liferaft periodically, some manufacturers include this servicing for a few years after your purchase to ensure you’re getting a product that works impeccably in the case of an emergency.

We stock some of the most loved brands, such as Great Circle and Crewsaver. If you can’t find the product you are looking for, contact us to see what we can do for you.