Lectrotab Switch Assy One Touch

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Lectrotab Switch Assy One Touch
  • Microprocessor based trim tab control with LED tab position indicators
  • Single button press to move both tabs up or down simultaneously
  • Direct replacement for Oval LED (SETR-61) controls
  • Automatic return to last tab position if ignition key is turned off and back on again
  • Completely sealed, completely waterproof and will not deteriorate in sunlight
  • Automatic tab retraction and calibration with key or accessory switch off
  • Easy upgrade from rocker switch style control
  • No external power module required for single or dual actuator per tab systems
  • LED tab position indicators dim automatically in darkness and brighten in sunlight
  • Adjustable programming features located on back of specification sheet
  • Operates on 12 or 24 volt dc systems Lectrotab’s One Touch Leveling control can be used as a single station or can handle up to 6 stations in constant communication with each other (SR Communication cable required)
  • Dimensions - 77mm wide x 77mm high
  • 2 year warranty.