Lectrotab Switch Assy Manual

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Lectrotab Switch Assy Manual

Lectrotab is excited to introduce a new control incorporating features requested by boat owners to provide a user friendly control for a more enjoyable boating experience. This control features auto tab retraction, remembers last tab position, and is completely waterproof.

  • Single button touch control
  • Automatically returns tabs to previous position
  • Sleek bezel design
  • Microprocessor based trim tab control with LED tab position indicators
  • Single button press to move both tabs up or down simultaneously
  • Rubber overlay with a sleek bezel design
  • Automatic return to last tab position if ignition key is turned off and back on again
  • Completely sealed, completely waterproof and will not deteriorate in sunlight
  • Automatic tab retraction and calibration with key or accessory switch off
  • Easy upgrade from rocker switch style control or Oval control