Lectrotab Manual Switch Kit Stainless Tabs Short Actuator

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Lectrotab Manual Switch Kit Stainless Tabs Short Actuator

Stainless Steel Trim Tabs

The Lectrotab stainless steel trim tab design provides unmatched strength and reliability. All stainless steel tabs are fabricated with a continuous rolled and pinned hinge. The design eliminates the need for welding. The tabs are made of corrosion resistant 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel.

Manual Leveling Control

This kit comes with the Lectrotab Manual Leveling Control switch which features auto tab retraction, remembers last tab position, and is completely waterproof. It has single button touch control, automatically returns tabs to previous position, sleek bezel design and Microprocessor based trim tab control with LED tab position indicator. Single button press to move both tabs up or down simultaneously. Rubber overlay with a sleek bezel design. UV resistant and will not deteriorate in sunlight. Automatic tab retraction and calibration with key or accessory switch off. 

Short Actuators

This kit also includes mounting hardware, interconnecting wire and the Lectrotab short actuators - low profile bracket and they are ideal for limited vertical height applications such as swim platforms, Lectrotab short trim tab actuators are precision engineered to combine quite operation with a non-hydraulic, maintenance free design. The unit is corrosion free, ensures very accurate tab positioning, provides maximum lift force, and is totally self-contained for easy installation. The actuator assembly is packaged in a non-metallic permanently sealed housing. No components need to be installed inside the boat. Most importantly, unlike hydraulic trim tabs, there is no oil to leak out. The short actuator incorporates a low profile transom mounting bracket. Short actuators come in 12v DC with a 6 second stroke time. 

*Please select the trim tab size you require as part of the kit. 

The manual leveling control comes with two years warranty.

The Short actuators come with seven years warranty.