Lectrotab Auto Switch Kit Stainless Steel Trim Tabs

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Lectrotab Auto Switch Kit Stainless Steel Trim Tabs

Stainless Steel Trim Tabs

The Lectrotab stainless steel trim tab design provides unmatched strength and reliability. All stainless steel tabs are fabricated with a continuous rolled and pinned hinge. The design eliminates the need for welding. The tabs are made of corrosion resistant 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel.

Automatic Leveling Control

The kit comes with the Lectrotab Automatic Leveling Control. As wind shifts, the water conditions change or passengers move about, the Automatic Leveling Control will automatically adjust your trim tabs to maintain a level boat for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The ALC automatically corrects the roll from side to side and pitch from fore to aft to enhance your fuel economy. Importantly, the microprocessor control will not allow trim tab corrections while the boat is turning to prevent dangerous overcompensation. The trim tabs are automatically retracted whenever the boat is off plane or when using the optional key switch connection. When power is switched off the tabs are retracted and calibrated. The control panels are completely sealed, IP68 waterproof and UV protected against deterioration in sunlight. The Lectrotab Automatic Leveling Control is easy to install and can be retrofitted on existing Lectrotab installations. It uses an internal GPS, so no external antenna or network is required. 

Standard Actuators

The kit also includes mounting hardware, interconnecting wire and the Standard actuators (9 6/16"). The Standard actuators are precision engineered to combine quiet operation with a non-hydraulic, maintenance free design. The unit is corrosion free, ensures very accurate tab positioning, provides maximum lift force, and is totally self-contained for easy installation. The actuator assembly is packaged in a non-metallic permanently sealed housing. No components need to be installed inside the boat. Most importantly, unlike hydraulic trim tabs, there is no oil to leak out. Actuators come in 12V DC 2 1/4" stroke with 8 second recommended stroke time.


*Please select the trim tab size you require as part of the kit. 

The Automatic Leveling Control comes with a two year warranty. 

The Standard actuators come with seven year warranty.