KUS Tachometer (6000RPM) and Digital Hourmeter

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KUS Tachometer (6000RPM) and Digital Hourmeter - White

This KUS Tachometer is capable of displaying accurate engine revolutions up to 6000 per minute. This gauge is built to withstand 1m of submersion, and is easy to install. 

This gauge is suitable for 12 or 24volt systems. This gauge uses a 85mm cutout, and will require 55mm of clearance behind the panel. This gauge will suit panels 0.5 - 20mm in thickness. Adjustment for the gear ratio is simple, using the single button found on the rear of the gauge. 

This gauge also features a built in digital hourmeter. This hourmeter will display +0.1H every 6 minutes, whilst a live wire is connected. 

There are two different lights inside this gauge. Simply wire the corresponding wire for either a yellow or a red background light.