Jabsco Par Max 1 Manual Pressure Pump 12v

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Jabsco Par Max 1 Manual Pressure Pump 12v

The JABSCO Par Max 1 series pumps are extremely reliable miniature multi-outlet water pressure pumps.

Ideal for small boats, caravans and campervans.


  • 12V Manual Pump 1.9amp
  • Self-Priming
  • Dry running capability
  • Built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when a faucet is opened and closed (35 psi cut off pressure)
  • Automatic Operation for systems with up to 3 outlets (one or two at a time)
  • Smooth Flow
  • Low Amp Draw
  • Small & Compact
  • Built-in Thermal protector
  • 12V Automatic Pump 1.9amp
  • 35PSI
  • 4.2 LPM – Litres per Minute. 1.1 GPH

Specifications – ParMax 1
Motor: Permanent Magnet, Thermally Protected, Intermittent Duty. Pump: Two chamber opposed double diaphragm design; Self-priming up to 4 ft. suction lift; Pump able to run dry without damage; Intermittent duty. Port: Pump housing inlet and outlet are 3/8″ hose barb. Pump Series Dimensions – 42630-2900 Inches (mm) Height 2.28 (58) Depth 3.5 (89) Length 6.37 (162) Weight 1.3lb (.6 KG) Electric Water Pumps When starting up an automatic demand pump with a completely dry system, allow time for the demand pump to fill the system. Open a faucet, allow air to vent and close faucet when water flow is steady. Faucet strainers and aerators should be cleaned regularly.

1. Remove shipping caps from pump ports. Some water from factory testing may spill out. 2. Mount pump vertically, with pump head down or horizontally in an accessible location. Do not compress feet with mounting screws. 3. Use 3/8″ I.D. flexible hose (preferably braided or reinforced). Use hose clamps on the slip-on hose barb connectors. 4. Install a Jabsco inlet 40 mesh strainer in an accessible location (for inspection and cleaning) between the tank and pump inlet. This strainer or equivalent is required for pump warranty to be valid. In an easily accessible location, install a switch to control electricity to the pump. Turn the pump off when not in use for extended periods, when traveling or when tank is out of water. A 4 amp fuse should be installed in the positive lead with the pump being its only load. Wire size based on total wire length, both positive and negative leads. 0 – 30 ft. #16 AWG 0 – 60 ft. #14 AWG 0 – 80 ft. #12 AWG We also stock the Par Max 1 Plus