International Etch Primer Kit 500ml

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International Etch Primer Kit 500ml

International Etch Primer is a two-pack primer using the very latest technology that removes the requirement to use highly hazardous chemicals like chromates. Unlike other primers this product is applied in thin films to provide anchorage of the subsequently applied paint system. Application of the chosen paint system leads to a reaction between that system and the Etch Primer resulting in enhanced adhesion levels.


  • Two pack chromate-free above water primer with excellent anticorrosive protection.
  • Can be over-coated without sanding.
  • Allows extended re-coat times.
  • Can be over-coated with a single or two pack systems.
  • Fast cure time.
  • Long pot life.
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio.
  • No hazardous chromates or other similar type chemicals.
  • Size: 500ml kit
  • Base: Yellow
  • Hardner: Clear

Important points

  • Do not use any mixed material after 8 hours.
  • Do not attempt to apply chosen systems too quickly over the Etch Primer.
  • All final systems will remain soft for several days as the adhesion process slowly takes place. It is recommended that no assembly, stacking or mechanical work should take place with articals for at least 2 weeks at 25°C or 3 weeks at 15°C.
  • Do not use fillers.
  • For aluminium only.