Inflatable PFD Commercial 200 Auto

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Inflatable PFD Commercial 200 Auto

The AXIS inflatable PFD commercial 200 Automatic is designed for the workplace. Hi-Viz, flame retardant and anti static outer cover. 


  • 200N of buoyancy
  • 300 Denier - polyester conductive fabric 98% polyester, 2% carbon
  • Ezy open zip closure
  • UML Pro-sensor operating system, automatic operation
  • AS1906.4:2010 compliant Hi-Viz material
  • EN 533 Approved - protective clothing. 
  • Protection against heat and flame. 
  • Limited flame spread materials and material assemblies
  • Anti static
  • AS4758.1 Approved


The HI-Vis commercial jackets fall under the Australian Standard for 150N jackets as there is no Australian Standard for 200N jackets.

This is covered under the Australian Standard AS4758.1

Under this standard all jackets have to be labelled as meeting the 150N requirement to be sold in Australia.

In the case of the commercial Hi-Viz jackets these are a 200N jacket and actually exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard.

On the inside of the swing tag supplied with the jacket it lists the actual buoyancy of the jacket, for this model it is 200N.