Harken Ball Bearing Cam Cleats

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Harken Ball Bearing Cam Cleats

Tired of banging on the main sheet to uncleat, or watching the cleat let go at just the wrong moment? Harken® ball bearing cam cleats hold lines securely and release instantly for easy, precise trimming. With a downward flick of the wrist, the sheet snaps into the cam and stays exactly where you want it. Pull up and the cleat immediately releases even under the highest loads. Smooth teeth grip line of all sizes including the small diameter hard line preferred by racers. Easy-Open Ball Bearing Cams, Multiple rows of high-load ball bearings reduce friction so cams open easily for snap-down, rather than draw-through cleating. The cam horns and smooth V-shape guide line for easy entry. This allows precise sail control without having to readjust the cleated line. The Teflon® surface of the aluminum Cam-Matic® improves the cleats fast line engagement. The Cam-Matic® is the only cleat that will engage under maximum line tension. Protective Tooth Design, Rounded teeth hold securely by squeezing rather than cutting into line to reduce wear. High-Wear or Lightweight Models Aluminum Cam-Matics® are Hardkote-anodized for high-load, high-wear, continuous adjustment applications. Lightweight fiber-reinforced Carbo-Cams® for racing where weight is critical, or where adjustments are less frequent. Long-Lasting Protection, Ball bearings and Carbo-Cams® UV-stabilized with carbon-black additive for maximum protection.