GOLIGHT® GOBEE Bow Mount Search Light

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GOLIGHT® GOBEE Bow Mount Search Light

This GOLIGHT® is the ultimate light for fishermen or anyone who boats at night. The GOBEE Marine is the only product on the market that incorporates a powerful remote controlled searchlight with integral bi-colour navigation lights. Instantly increase your night time safety and reduce costly boat repairs.

The 12 inch pole positions the light above your deck providing an unrestricted beam of light allowing you to easily locate hazards, shoreline, navigation buoys and unlit boat docks. With its 360° rotation x 90° tilt and the 25ft range wireless remote control you can direct the searchlight wherever you need it from anywhere in the boat or on the dock. Easily attaches to most existing two or three pin bow pole light bases. Size: 216 x 153 x 470mm