Fuel Splash Preventer

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Fuel Splash Preventer

VETUS Fuel Splash Preventer is directly connected to a deck entry plate (1), with a diameter of 38 or 51 mm (optional equipment). It ensures that overflowing diesel fuel or foam will not come out of the deck entry - soiling your deck and polluting the water, but will be neatly caught inside the reservoir (with a capacity of approx. 2 litres). Excessive fuel will flow back into the main tank through connection (2). This connection also serves as the necessary tank ventilation. The breather line to outside is to be installed to connection (3). A VETUS diesel smell filter may be installed into this breather line as well. If the diesel smell filter is positioned well above the deck, the breather line may exit below the deck level, if so required. This product is supplied with connections for Ø 38 mm or for Ø 51 mm fuel filling hose (4).