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Top 5 features that we love about the new Lowrance Hook2 fishfinders/chartplotters

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Lowrance has a reputation of listening to their users and constantly improving their products to meet and even exceed their users’ expectation. The new second generation - Hook2- range, recently launched just in time for Christmas, is no exception. With a range of new features built upon feedback from the community – the overall result is a streamlined, all-in-one package that is simple and enjoyable to use. 

In this blog post, we explore the top five new features that we love about the new Lowrance Hook2. 

Landscape Orientation

Including the 4” units, all the Hook2 units are now oriented in landscape. The extra width makes chart reading much easier for the eyes, a breeze to scroll through, and offers a longer on-screen sonar history.

Comparison for The Hook 4 (generation 1) and the new Hook2 4X. Lowrance Hook2 4x’s screen is now orientated in landscape, giving you more scrolling space and making it easier to read the charts. 

The other major change is the screen itself – the SolarMAX screen is the same design as the Lowrance HDS Carbon range, but now with an incredible backlight and an anti-reflective coating designed to make the unit easy to read at dawn, dusk, or noon with the overhead sun. 

User-friendly Interface

Upon booting the Hook2, the first thing noticeably different over the original Hook range is the main menu. With large, easy to navigate menu items, and the ability to split the screen up to 4 ways, selecting your preferred screen couldn't be easier. Less time playing with the menu means more time fishing! 

Autotuning Sonar

The optimisation doesn’t stop there. The new "Autotuning Sonar" actively adapts the settings for noise clutter and fish targets for you as the conditions change. Seriously, how cool is that! The autotuning sonar is available in all the Hook2 models, and is built around the Lowrance 200kHz ultra-wide beam transducer. This new transducer uses a much wider cone angle than the generation 1 Hook units, and is currently the widest beam traditional sonar unit on the market.

Not a fan of the autotuning sonar function? No problem, the popular advanced features and range adjustments from the previous models are also built in for you.

Downscan & Sidescan

Lowrance have also made it easier to pick the correct package for your needs, with an easy identification system for their transducers.

Starting with the Bullet transducer, which features the above 200kHz transducer features, the Hook2 range also offers a "Splitshot" and "Tripleshot" configuration. The naming identifies how many functions the transducer is capable of, with Splitshot transducers featuring the 200kHz base, and the picture-like quality of downscan imaging. The Tripleshot transducer takes 200 kHz base, Downscan and the Sidescan as well, making Hook2 the most cost-effective Sidescan imaging units available on the market today, truly bang-for-your-buck.

Downscan and Sidescan work by using high-frequency sonar to generate higher quality images of what is below the boat. Structures, rocks, reefs, and even the top of fish can easily be identified using this higher frequency, and with the landscape orientation of the screen, even more detail can be picked up by choosing these transducers.

We are also very impressed with the upgraded transducer mounting. For those who might not want to mount on the transom, or perhaps are fishing from a kayak, all three transducer models (bullet, splitshot and tripleshot) are built with a flat bottom, specifically designed for in-hull use. 

Bullet, Splitshot and Tripleshot transducers are all now built with a flat bottom. 

Integrated CMap Charts

Whilst every model in the new Hook2 range carries a GPS antenna and waypoint/trackback capability (with the exception of the base Hook2 4x), the Hook2 Combo units go one step further, with built-in cartography supported by CMAP. The CMAP charts cover the entire of Australia and New Zealand, and include all the navigational aids required to safely get out to your favourite spot and get you home.

This change from the generation 1 Hook units means there’s no fiddling with SD/Micro SD cards, and even the entry-level Hook2x units now offer speed and the ability to save the GPS co-ordinates of a particularly juicy fishing spot. 

Hook2 9 Combo SplitShot with a C-Map view. 

With an emphasis on simplicity, the new Hook2 range of fishfinders and chartplotters offer considerable upgrades in charts, sonar, menu navigation, screen display and visibility, whilst remaining simple to use.

The Lowrance Hook2 is available for pre-order now, with units in 4”, 5”, 7”, 9” & 12” configurations, which are expected to arrive in late Nov - early December. Shop now!

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