Fibreglass, Fillers and Adhesives

  • Fibreglass Tape 50mm (2")

    Fibreglass Tape 50mm (2 inch)

  • Gelcoat Repair Putty - 400gm

    Gelcoat Repair Putty - 400gm

  • Glass Bubbles - Microspheres 250g

  • Fibreglass Chopped Mat - 1m x 1m

    Fibreglass Chopped Mat - 1m x 1m

  • Fibreglass Cloth - 1M Wide, 6oz

    Fibreglass Cloth - 1M Wide, 6oz

  • Jumbo Fibreglass Repair Kit

    Jumbo Fibreglass Repair Kit

  • MEKP Catalyst for Polyester 50ml

    MEKP Catalyst For Polyester

  • Alloy Resin Roller 70mm wide, 22cm long

    Alloy Resin Roller - 70mm wide

  • Epifill 2 Part Epoxy Filler


    Epifill - 2 Part Epoxy Filler

  • Epiglue - 2 Part Epoxy Glue


    Epiglue - 2 Part Epoxy Glue

  • White Polyester Flowcoat

    White Polyester Flowcoat

  • Natural Polyester Flowcoat

    Natural Polyester Flowcoat

  • 250mL White Polyester Gelcoat

    250mL White Polyester Gelcoat

  • Epiglass HT9000 Standard Hardener

    Epiglass Ht9000 Epoxy Hardener

  • Industrial Talc. 500g

    Industrial Talc. 500g

  • Dark Blue Pigment Paste

    Pigment Paste - 50g

  • Norglass Norfill Epoxy Filler


    Norglass Norfill Epoxy Filler

  • 500mL White Polyester Gelcoat

    500mL White Polyester Gelcoat


Fibreglass, Fillers and Adhesives

Whether you’re doing minor repairs or making drastic improvements to your boat, you need the right tools and products to get the job done. At Boating & RV, we offer a wide range of fibreglass, fillers, and adhesives that will help you create the look and finish you want.

Cloths and Tapes

Laminates and fibreglass surfaces require effective cloths and tapes to ensure proper function and safety.

We stock standard fibreglass cloths that are suitable for composites, constructions, or surface repairs on your boat. When used with the right resins, these cloths can also protect and waterproof different surfaces. If you’re doing work on timber hulls and decks, then dynel cloths are what you need. These light yet incredibly strong polyester cloths resist impact and heavy loads, making them the perfect additions for reinforcing high-impact areas with laminates.

We also supply fibreglass chopped mats (1m x 1m and 0.5m x 0.5m versions available) that are ideal for fabrications and boat modifications. 

And if you need to fix or reinforce any fibreglass materials on your boat, we have fibreglass tapes (available in 50mm widths) that can make your work easier. These tapes are especially useful for minor repairs or reinforcing seams in fibreglass materials.

Adhesives and Coats

If you’re looking for high-quality bonding agents, we supply epoxy glues that provide the adhesive strength you need.

We recommend the Epiglass HT9000 (available in 334mL667mL1.3L, and 5.33L), which is a powerful epoxy resin that’s ideal for laminating, sheathing, and gluing. It can even be mixed with extenders to help with filling and fairing purposes. These glues are known for being user-friendly and low maintenance, providing low odours, minimal colour retention, and low viscosity.


Fillers are among the most important materials for boat repairs and maintenance, and we have a variety of them here at Boating & RV.

We have glass fibre fillers and glass bubbles that can be used for several types of maintenance and repair activities, particularly those that require smooth finishes. For more general fillings and repairs, a high-quality multipurpose putty may be what you need.

But if you’re working on timber, fibreglass or steel, then epoxy fillers are your top choice. These fillers can be applied to parts of your boat (even those that stay underwater), making them one of the most versatile fillers you can have in your toolkit.

And if you’re looking for a cheap, multi-purpose filler for different applications, then industrial talc offers plenty of value for your money. You can mix this with a variety of resins and materials to create decent filling materials, release agents, or additional protective surfaces.

We also supply pigment pastes that come in a variety of colours, giving you plenty of choices for creating the exact look and colour you want for your boat.

Resins and Repair Kits

Different repair work requires different types of resin, so it’s important you have the correct resin type for whatever work you’re doing. We offer standard polyester resinsfoaming resins, and epoxy resins that you can combine with other materials for work on various parts and surfaces. We also have polyester gelcoats and flowcoats that you can use for creating the level of finish you’re aiming for.

And if you need tools for applying these resins, we have resin brushes and rollers available to help make your work easier.

For more in-depth repairs and modifications, we supply fibreglass repair kits and epoxy repair kits that offer sets of tools for repairing each type of material. We also have gelcoat repair fillers for fixing chips and cracks in the gelcoats of fibreglass boats.