Ezy Lift Anchor Line Small Clip

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Ezy Lift Anchor Line Small Clip

The Ezy Lift Anchor clip is an Australian made system designed to make anchor retrieval painless and easy. 

With the Ezy Lift Anchor Clip, you use the power of the boat along with the buoyancy and drag of a float buoy in the water to bring that heavy anchor to the surface automatically - it's that simple! 

Durable, high quality stainless steel helps stop back strain and sore hands, especially suitable for people with arthritis or chronic back problems. No anchor winch required and eliminates the danger of standing up in small craft. Saves your back, time and money.

Clip to anchor line, power to port or starboard and the anchor will raise & can be retrieved.


*Float and line not included
Suits anchors to approx. 6kg.
Suits 8 to 10mm diameter rope.

Made in Australia.