Euro 4" Tacho/Hour Meter Gauges

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Euro 4" Tacho/Hour Meter Gauges

Faria Euro Tacho/Hour Meter Gauges available in two styles - 6000rpm Inboard and 7000rpm Outboard. Featuring Perimeter-lighted Black dial with bold white graphics, Black aluminium bezel, contoured White pointer and flat glass lens. 

Electronic tachometers work by counting pulses generated by the ignition system, alternator, tach signal generator or magnetic pickup sender. The tach is hooked up to +12VDC, Ground and one of the signal sources listed.

By selecting the right tach and setting the switch on the back to the correct position you let the tachometer know how many pulses are sent per each engine revolution.

4" - Hole size: 3.375" (85mm)

Technical Specifications: 

  • 7 Character LCD display
  • 0-999999.9 Hours
  • Updates in 0.1 increments


  • Gauge type: Tachometer with Hourmeter
  • Series: Euro Black
  • Gauge size: 4"